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Will Virtual Reality Affect The Construction Industry?

A Japanese based company recently released a game, downloaded as an app, for smartphones. As you may already know, the game is called Pokemon GO, and it has single-handedly rebooted the Pokemon franchise. This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg; Pokemon GO is set to overtake Twitter as the app most used everyday by its users. What does this have to do with construction? Well, it shows the attraction and power of virtual reality, and has smartphone owners scouring the real world for a chance to collect their favourite Pokemon in the virtual world. The affect of virtual reality on the social lives of people worldwide is set to affect the way we do business, especially in the construction industry.Starting Point VR has had a very limited effect on the construction industry already. Larger construction corporations and brands use Building Information Modelling (BIM) during their architectural, modelling and quantity surveying process, which often includes 3D rendering of buildings and projects. Often businesses have gone so far as to 3D print their models from these virtual designs.However, true VR may be used to capture the space, look and feel of developments through the implemention of clever VR hardware tools like Oculus Rift (take a look at their site). By using a VR system, architects and firms will no longer rely on physical models built to portray a future development; much more engrossing and impactful will be the use of virtual reality technology.

The future of VR may be upon us.

Easy Does It Transposing virtual building models into VR software will be a much easier process than creating physical architectural models. Of course, a lot more emphasis will be placed on software, algorithms and coding, which in itself is time consuming and costly, but thanks to VR entertainment (such as Oculus Rift or even something simpler like Pokemon GO) this technology is becoming cheaper and easier to implement. Maybe in the very near future your business will be using VR on the construction site. Check out our blog next week to see how future virtual reality will affect different branches of the construction industry.For more construction news, views and tips, keep in touch with the Doosan SA website. Contact Doosan SA today for your quote on air compressors, mobile generators, compaction equipment and other heavy engineering equipment. Why not take a look at our brand new generators page by hitting the link.


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