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The Lack Of Faith In Construction Technology Processes

According to Building Design + Construction and KPMG, their recent studies have shown an unwillingness for construction contractors to utilise construction technology in the industry. This means that contractors are unwilling to utilise drones, mobile technology and robotics in order to make their lives easier.

Drone on Construction Site

Now, these are international schematics, but the conclusion is that 1st world construction contractors are only 30% likely to use radio-frequency identification to track equipment on site. Further numbers are remarkable; after the obvious beneficial capacity of using drones in the commercial construction sector, only 40% of contractors show any interest in drone technology. Additionally, only 60% of contractors use Building Information Modelling software, an ingenious resource that allows seamless collaboration between architects and contractors.Why is this the case?
  • Construction contractors are used to following industry standards, rather than being innovating themselves. Some believe that this has much to do with the strict regulations in the construction sector and that the inclusion of any new, technological process may lead contractors to the assumption that they are overstepping important regulatory boundaries. This can also be seen with regards to the South African construction industry.
  • Many construction contractors (especially here in South Africa) are completely lacking any construction technology strategy, with no clear plan as to whether or not they should implement automotive software and integrated digital platforms with their construction processes.
  • Other construction contractors believe that they lack the budget and experiential requirements to be able to adopt these technological processes.

The Future Construction Site?

Unfortunately, contractors neither understand the power of current technological hardware, software and cloud-based solutions, and how it may radically change the construction sector, and make their work a lot easier. Furthermore, few industry professionals know just how cost-effective some of the software and solutions actually are. However, contractors may be forced to adapt, simply because of the expectations of society and the international business environment.As society grows and adopts new technological processes, our built environment needs to reflect our lifestyle. Because of the rapid infrastructural growth associated with society's needs, especially in the fast-paced and up-and-coming African construction landscape, local contractors will be expected to adapt accordingly.For more construction insight, as well as tips and information regarding air compressors, make sure that you regularly check up on the Doosan SA blog page.


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