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What Is Dual-Purpose Equipment

Dual-purpose equipment is fast becoming the popular trend among heavy/construction equipment manufacturers. But the question on everybody's lips is; what is dual-purpose equipment?Quite simply, dual-purpose equipment is heavy equipment in either construction, manufacturing or mining operations that performs two tasks instead of just a single task. A perfect example would be the TLB (tractor-loader-backhoe) in the construction trade, where the tractor can serve two tasks with two attachments on either end.As construction and manufacturing clients seek cost-effective ways of continuing or expanding on their required rates of production, and, therefore, expanding profit margins, any way of making their work easier and cheaper is likely to become popular. Dual-purpose machinery has been around for some time, but equipment costs, as well as technical complications often led to contractors discounting the 'dual-purpose' advances in heavy equipment. That's why many of you may be confused when hearing the word 'dual-purpose' being thrown around nowadays.

However, given the current economic climate, contractors are under increasing pressures to reduce costs. By investing in dual-purpose equipment, manufacturers have begun to invest more time and research into dual-purpose equipment. This has resulted in a number of developments of high-quality equipment. Dual-purpose equipment not only saves time and money, but buying a single machine to perform the task of two or more units also puts the contractor in contact with a single company. This streamlines maintenance and repairs, and leads to better customer support and improved customer-brand relationships.Doosan is fast-tracking its development of air compressors and other compact machinery, likely leading to the release of more dual-purpose equipment in the coming years (so keep an eye out for changes).For all your latest construction/industry news, keep up-to-date with Doosan SA blogs, or visit our air compressor page to peruse our latest models.Contact us today for a quotation.


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