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What Compactor Do You Need?

If you're a contractor or you're tasked with the construction of anything from that of a building or a small walkway, chances are that you're in need of a compactor. As a compactor supplier in South Africa, we realise that sometimes it's not so easy choosing the correct compactor for the job. Doosan SA is a compactor supplier that offer's it's customers various lines of small compactors that makes the jobs on site easier for the user, and cost-efficient and durable enough to be kinder on the business owner's pocket. But which compactor do you choose?
  1. Plate compactor: If you're a contractor that deals in the development and building of roads, walkways and other forms of paving, then a plate compactor is just the tool for you. A little too light for use in building foundations, a vibratory plate compactor will, however, help you to ensure that sand and gravel is both level and compact enough to begin laying the foundation for tar roads, as well as brick/stone walkways and driveways. A compactor supplier like Doosan can equip your business with a lightweight vibratory compactor that is easy to use in small spaces, and it'll make the perfect edition to your collection of tools.
  2. Rammers: Contractors that deal particularly in the electrician or plumbing trade are constantly required to dig trenches, and are also responsible for backfilling on a more-than-regular basis. The upright rammer is the perfect tool to use in these conditions. With a small point of contact and an upright design that can fit into small spaces, the upright rammer will ensure that a different number of soil-types are properly compressed and ready to be worked on. There is many a rammer compactor supplier in South Africa, but make sure you choose Doosan SA if you're looking for the best in the business.
  3. Roller: Roller compactors, along with TLB's, are considered the workhorses in the construction trade. As foundations get prepped for construction, the working surface needs to be horizontal and equally pressed before any work can begin. On large construction sites, vehicle rollers are used, but in preparing the foundations for roads, houses, pathways and small commercial buildings, a walk-behind roller is the perfect tool for the trade. With either a single-drum or double-drum variant, a walk-behind roller is easy to use with adjustable speeds, adjustable handle, water sprinkler and compact design that will ensure that asphalt roads, pathways and building foundations are properly laid.
If you require a compactor supplier, and you need the finest quality small compaction tool, then make sure you contact Doosan SA today.


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