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Using an Upright Rammer For Backfilling Trenches

For those involved in the construction trade, you will encounter many instances of compacting backfill. This is especially true for those who install water reticulation, or for those that install cables. Backfilling is a process that revolves around digging a hole (whether it be to create a trench, or in the preparation of foundations for building structures as well as roads and paths.When backfilling trenches, you'll find that the upright rammer is a piece of compaction equipment that is required. The length of the upright rammer and narrow body allows the machine to reach the base of the trench where you may conduct the ramming.

Figure 1

In Figure 1 we see a trench being backfilled after a pipe has been laid. The same earth that was dug out during excavation is being used to backfill the trench. In some cases, those responsible for the backfill may choose to fill the trench with a substitute to the earth dug up from the excavation.

The soil used in the backfill will not be as compact as it were before, so for this reason, the upright rammer is used to compact the soil and reintegrate it with the surrounding earth. Proper backfill usually occurs in stages. A small amount of backfill is added to the trench, ramming takes place, and then more earth is added. How often ramming takes place is entirely dependent on the contractor and how compact they need the soil to be. In Figure 2 we see a contractor ramming a backfilled trench that served as the footing (foundation) for the home.

Figure 2

The rammer is first lowered into the trench before being turned on. Remember with rammers to turn the choke on when starting the engine. Turn it off once the engine has started and has been on for a few moments. Using both hands to force the rammer down, run the upright rammer down the length of the trench. Make sure to go over the earth twice before loading more earth into the trench. Once you have backfilled the trench to your desired compaction you may then turn off the upright rammer.

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