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Small Air Compressors For All Your Needs

At Doosan SA we stock, supply, repair and maintain a number of Doosan small air compressors that help businesses fulfill their mobile power needs. When it comes to requiring limited levels of pressurized air power needed to run a number of hydraulic power tools, then make sure you invest in a Doosan small air compressor. We have a number of small air compressors that will have your power tools operating at an optimum.Doosan C185The Doosan C185 is the go-to small air compressor for all businesses looking for an affordable mobile power unit. At Doosan SA, we understand the need for quality as well as cost-efficiency, which is why Doosan created the C185. As far as affordable small air compressors go, the C185 is more robust and productive than other brands' budget models and is as user-friendly as  all other Doosan mobile air compressors. The C185 sports a corrosive-resistant canopy that allows you full access to the power unit which is safely protected underneath.


Doosan 2-7m3/min Models 

Doosan's platinum range of small air compressors are built according to the highest industry standards and to the finest quality specifications. All the smaller models are built in order to assist with the mobility required from small air compressors. With clever weight-reduction design, and a small frame, the small air compressors are at home in the cramped conditions of the construction site. However, just because the unit is small, does not mean that it is any less durable and productive. All the Doosan SA small air compressors have all the features that you may find on the larger compressors, such as LED interface, serviceable controls and filter attachments.

Make sure that you use Doosan portable power for all your power tools. Doosan's efficiency actually improves the lifespan of your power tools, and will ensure that you benefit from improved productivity. Contact Doosan SA today for more information regarding small air compressors!

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