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Renting An Air Compressor?

Air compressors are the go-to equipment for powering all your pneumatic tools on the construction site. If you're a contractor, then you most likely own an air compressor to power tools like pneumatic hammers, rammers and rock breakers. Sprayers, power drills and a range of smaller power tools can also be powered by the capable function of an air compressor.However, should you need to own an air compressor, or is it easier to just go about renting an air compressor?Renting an air compressor has a number of benefits as well as cons:
  • Obviously, as with all renting, it allows you to circumvent the cost of buying a new air compressor, only paying a minute fraction of the cost.
  • A machine can be rented when you need it, as you need it. Perfect for those contractors who only need to use a pneumatic tool occasionally (maybe once or twice a month).
  • Renting an air compressor also doesn't require you to maintain and repair the machine when it breaks down. Rather, these costs have been worked into the rental, and get dealt with by the owners when needed.
  • Storage of the machine is also not necessary. You will not need extra space to keep an air compressor that you hardly use.
But, renting an air compressor:
  • Will mean mounting costs. The more you rent that air compressor, the more you will have to pay. Eventually you will have paid more money toward renting an air compressor than you will have invested in buying one.
  • Cost of renting is greatly overcharged so that owners may cover unintended maintenance and repairs, as well gain from the profits of renting an air compressor.
So, ultimately, the more you use an air compressor, the more expensive it is not to own one. Air compressors, through years of development, have become easier to own and cheaper to maintain. If you use an air compressor for more than a few times within a month then you may want to consider purchasing an air compressor. Don't waste money on renting an air compressor. Contact Doosan SA for more information.


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