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Preparing a Building’s Foundations

The old biblical parable tells people to build their houses on the rock. Yes, it has everything to do with metaphor that a person whose moral fortitude is grounded in the teaching's of Jesus will not falter. But the saying is just as true for those in the construction industry too. A building with a firm foundation is built to last.But how are foundations prepared? And what part do compaction machines and equipment play in the construction of good building foundations.
  • Solid foundations start with faultless measurement. Once the site has been measured to exact specification and the area staked by a certified surveyor, then the digging may begin. This obviously follows the requirement of having the correct permits and certificates of approval of course.
  • With almost every construction project a certain amount of soil amendment is required to make sure that the grade of soil below the construction can withstand the pressure of a new building and its foundations.
  • Leveling begins after any debris, rock and foliage has been removed from the site. Leveling is another process that requires a surveyor, and construction workers will assist in getting the soil level and compact enough to lay the foundations. This is the part where compaction equipment is so important. For larger buildings enormous rollers are used to get the soil firm and level. However, for smaller buildings, light compaction machines like walk-behind rollers and upright rammers are used. Leveling also ensures that the base lies below surface. Some buildings require a few inches of below-level foundations, whereas large constructions like those of shopping centres and skyscrapers have foundations that lie many metres below ground.
  • After measuring the exact downward force the building will be exerting, a foundation-slab will be laid. It is onto this slab that everything else is build, and its measurement is adjusted to the size of the building and the pressure measurements. In large buildings and developments, the slab will be complemented by ground mounts; posts that are set within the foundation slab and are driven many metres underground. Once the slab and ground mounts have been inserted the foundation is ready, and further construction may begin.
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