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Portable Compressors For Sale

The best portable compressors for sale in South Africa

Engineering excellence is our strong suit at Doosan International SA. Our portable¬†compressors for sale bring a breath of fresh air as far as reliable power solutions are concerned. Not only is it reliable, but the mobility of the mobile compressor makes it easy to use on any site. The aerodynamic designs and smaller frame make it a really great resource for use and maneuverability in smaller spaces. From the innovative fuel efficiency to the absolutely tough and corrosion resistant materials, you can count on us to provide you with the best. 

Portable compressors sales and rentals nationwide - the highest quality available!

When on the lookout for mobile compressors for sale in Sou Africa, it is always important to get the best quality that satisfies the power requirements and specifications of the task ahead. Our portable compressors for sale are available in a wide range that caters to all work requirements. We provide compressors ranging from 125 to 1600 cfm at 100 to 500 psi with the perfect doorstep delivery system. At Doosan International SA, we strongly believe in the importance of efficiency and durability and we let our designs reflect all of our principles. 

Sales and delivery of portable compressors for sale

Our portable compressors for sale are the best choice in the country. Having provided great innovation to the industry for more than 100 years, Doosan International SA is constantly bringing out cutting-edge power solutions through high-end technology. We are just as interested in your project as you are and our after sales services include maintenance and servicing of the compressors and are designed to keep your site functional. When it comes to portable air compressors, we should be your first point of call, as we always give you the best. Get in touch with us and find out more about our portable air compressors.