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Permanent Magnet Motors – the Latest Innovation in Compressor Technology

Electric motors have been the backbone of industrial equipment for decades, powering smaller equipment like air compressors with quietness and reliability.However, there are several disadvantages to using them - including high power and maintenance costs.Recently, a new motor technology that uses permanent magnets has become popular with air compressor manufacturers around the world. Let’s find out why.Electric vs. permanent magnet motors - what’s the difference?To understand why permanent magnet motors are less costly, it’s helpful to know how traditional electric motors work.
  • An electric motor contains two parts: a stator (a part that stays still) and a rotor (a part that moves).
  • Both of these parts create magnetic fields around themselves - and when these fields meet, the energy they produce (known as torque) allows the shaft to turn.
  • Unfortunately, the shaft and rotor turn at slightly different speeds, and over time this causes the shaft to wear and become unstable. This imbalance is called ‘slip’.
  • When slip occurs, the compressor becomes less energy efficient and its components eventually need replacing - this increases your costs.
Lower energy use and fewer damaged componentsThe two main costs of using an air compressor are electricity consumption and damaged rotors and shafts - and both of these costs can be reduced by using a permanent magnet air compressor.Permanent magnet motors use air-cooled wind heads and a water-cooled  housing to keep components running cool and avoid friction. They also use non-contact magnetic bearings that prevent physical contact between components.By reducing friction and physical contact between components, permanent magnet-powered air compressors run more efficiently and don’t require component replacement very often. This reduces costs significantly in the long term.To find out more about this innovative new technology,  contact us today.


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