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Oil Free Air Compressors Market Growth


Good news for construction businesses and oil-free air compressor manufacturers worldwide; the market is booming! Recent reports suggest that by 2023 the market for mobile oil free air compressors will reach $13.9 billion. Why is there such a recent need for oil-free compressors, and what can these compressors offer your business?

Oil Free Air Compressors For Sale!

The report indicates that the leading markets for oil free compressors are mining and construction. Compressors for mining will be seen to outsell that of construction quite considerably. This accounts for the need for mobile and sustainable power solutions in the industry as new mining measures result in the movement of mining plants more frequently. The oil-free technology on the market nowadays (spearheaded by our Doosan brand as well as competitors like Ingersoll Rand) provides businesses with a much cleaner compressed air output. Furthermore, the oil-free machines run as reliably and efficiently as the oil variants.

Doosan Oil Free Air Compressors

The Doosan SA oil free air compressors are some of the most stand-out units in the industry. Our mobile units offer businesses the most portable compressed air solution on the market. We manufacture lightweight oil free air compressors without cutting costs in the way of durability and reliability. Throughout all of our heavy equipment and engineering manufacturing, Doosan has become synonymous with reliability, and our machines offer those in the mining and construction sector a long-lasting energy solution.As rising inflation rates reveal a diminishing demand for construction materials, the market for oil free compressors continues growing. This is a sign that businesses are less likely to rely on conventional state-provided power solutions.Make sure you invest in an oil free air compressor for your construction and mining business in South Africa. Contact Doosan SA today for a free demo on one of our cutting-edge machines.


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