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Buy The Right Sized Air Compressor

Many businesses make the mistake of buying the wrong sized air compressor for all their air compressor tool needs. Unfortunately, this leads to broken equipment and sometimes a faulty compressor too. When this is the case many businesses feel that their warranty covers them from any damage, however this is not the case.When air compressors are used to power tools that are either too weak to handle the pressure, or are too powerful to be powered by a smaller compressor, warranty does not usually cover the damages. Make sure to buy the right equipment before purchasing your air compressor.

When buying a compressor ensure that you understand the requirements of the air compressor. The air compressor is required to deliver air at a certain pressure as well as in a certain capacity. Pressure is measured by PSI or pounds per square inch, while capacity is measured by CFM or cubic feet per minute.If you are using a lot of small tools through a single compressor, then you will likely require an air compressor with a low PSI (so that it does not damage the tools), but with a large enough CFM output to be able to power multiple tools. Many contractors find that their air compressors overheat because they are being used to power too many tools, yet the CFM is not adequate enough to power them.Alernatively, a single large tool will require both a high PSI and CFM rate in order to get the tool working at optimum capacity. Do not buy a cheaper compressor just because you want to save money. Make a clever and sound investment by matching your air compressor with your requirements.For more information regarding air compressors get in contact with Doosan SA today!Otherwise, keep checking in on our blog page for the latest news and information regarding air compressors.

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