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Maintaining Your Doosan Roller

There are many ways of ensuring that your Doosan roller runs smoothly for years to come. A Doosan roller, although robust and the best at its job of leveling any working surface, requires a certain degree of maintenance to ensure that it will serve you well for many years to come.Doosan roller maintenance comprises of two tasks. There is the inspection of the machine and then there is the changing of oils and filters. How often these tasks need to be performed is determined by how often the machine gets used, but for your benefit most of the inspection procedures should be carried out whenever the machine is operated.Make sure that your Doosan roller works properly and ensure that you perform the following inspections before operating your machine:
  1. Inspect the entirety of the machine. Most of the Doosan walk-behind roller is housed behind the protective casing, so ensure that there are no loose screws, nuts and bolts. The machine works on vibrations in order to successfully level a work-space, so any loose screws will quickly come apart. Your inspection should also pick out damaged/cracked casings or engine parts.
  2. Your daily inspection should include checking the levels of the engine oil and hydraulic fluid, the topping-up of engine oil, and also the inspection for leaking fluids. A fluid leak may indicate leaking hydraulic fluid, engine oil or fuel.
  3. Make sure that the roller is clean. A clean roller will operate better for a longer period of time, and cleaning the roller may highlight damaged areas or leaks.
The following long-term maintenance tasks should be completed at regular intervals:
  1. Engine oil should be entirely replaced after 100 hours of operating the roller. The Doosan's roller engine has the required oil-drain bolt from where the old oil can drain at a warm temperature.
  2. Whenever the engine oil is replaced, technicians must make sure to also replace the air-filters on the engine. This will ensure that the engine runs at optimum for the longest time.
  3. Maybe more important than the engine oil, the hydraulic oil also needs to be regularly checked. Replacing hydraulic fluid needs to be done less frequently though. This needs to be done once every year, or at the very least every two years. This simple matter involves pulling the hydraulic oil plug, allowing fluid to drain, and then replacing the plug. The hydraulic fluid filter needs to be replaced after every 3 months of operation, and is a simple matter of screwing off the filter and replacing it with a new one.
Make sure that your Doosan roller is properly maintained, and it will serve you well for many years to come. For all your small compaction requirements make sure that you contact Doosan SA today. We supply South Africa with the best rollers, air compressors and pneumatic breakers.


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