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Get Reliable, Professional-Grade Light Towers from Doosan International SA

Doosan SA manufacturers and supplies the most reliable Portable Industrial Light Towers for construction and work sites across South Africa and Africa. If your company is looking for portable industrial light towers that can meet the requirements of even the most demanding environments, then you need to talk to Doosan International SA. Our lighting solutions are used in a wide range of industries to provide powerful illumination on construction sites and work sites as well as in areas where emergency lighting is essential.At Doosan International SA, we don’t just deliver industry-leading light towers, we also deliver exceptional sales and after sales services for additional peace of mind.

Here’s what makes Doosan International SA the right partner for your mobile power needs:

  • Market leaders with a proven track record in portable power solutions
  • More than 100 year’s manufacturing expertise and practical experience in the industry
  • Wide range of product and offerings for diverse industries
  • Largest North American dealer network supplies equipment rapidly

  • Unrivalled customer service

Do you have any queries about our wide range of portable power solutions?

Our Extensive Range of Light Towers Includes:

  • BL2000: This light tower plugs into any three-prong, 12V, 20 amp outlet, providing you with 2,000 watts of glare-free illumination.
  • LSCWKUB-60HZ-T4F: Highly durable with four 1,000 watt metal halide lights and full worksite mobility, this easily transported equipment is quick to set up and provides exceptional illumination.
  • LSCWKUB-50HZ-T4F: This light tower offers similar high performance service as the above-mentioned equipment with a longer runtime.
  • LS-60HZ-T4F: Ideal for worksites that stay in operation after dark, this rugged equipment is highly customizable to any environment.
  • L6-60HZ-T4F: Designed to meet the needs and standards of oil and gas industry applications, this 6kW light tower can be customized to suit operational needs.
  • L8-60HZ-T4F: Similar in design and application as the above-mentioned model, this light tower outputs 8kW.
  • L20-60HZ-T4i: Designed for use in the mining, oil and gas exploration industry, this equipment will light up your work site while providing additional power for tools, heaters and more.
With seven light tower options available, your company will be able to source an appropriate portable lighting solution, no matter which industry you’re in.Find out more about the light tower equipment we supply and discover the equipment that’s ideal for your company when you contact us at Doosan International SA today.Back to Doosan International SA