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How To Operate a Pneumatic Rammer

Pneumatic rammers can be found on a number of construction sites, affording contractors an easy way of leveling and compacting soil so that construction may begin. Compaction is an important part of laying the foundations for roads and buildings as well as paths and smaller constructions.But being able to ensure proper compaction requires the know how to operate a pneumatic rammer. So, without further ado, here's a simple procedure on how to operate a pneumatic rammer:
  1. Pneumatic rammers are usually stored in trailers or trucks, and can sometimes be covered and/or strapped down as a safety measure. Rammers are heavy, so unload them as close to the work site as possible.
  2. Keeping the rammer upright connect the air supply hose to the rammer. Make sure that the hose is without holes or tears, and that it is clamped properly on both the compressor side as well as the rammer side. Use clamps where necessary.
  3. Check that the lubricator is working properly. A rammer without lubrication will cause particle buildup, overheating and the breaking of the tool or a ceased engine on motorized models.
  4. Open the air supply valve on the compressor, after ensuring that it is running at the correct operational pressure.
  5. With the rammer held upright, and the foot firmly against the soil, squeeze the actuator handle to get the rammer operating. Make sure that you do not push down on the rammer handles, rather allow the machine to do the work. Apply slight pressure to the handles when compacting on an uneven surface.
  6. The more compact the soil becomes the more kickback there will be. Use this as a way of determining when the job has been completed. Stop compaction or move to a different location when significant kickback is received.
  7. Stop the rammer by simply removing pressure from the actuator handle. Then make sure to turn the valve off on the compressor. Before removing the hoses make sure to hold down the actuator handle to remove pressure from the hoses, before unclasping the hoses.
  8. Ensure that the rammer is safely packed away and tied down in whichever trailer or truck it arrived in. Don't leave idle rammers unattended and out in the open to be damaged by elements.
We hope that this may give you a little insight on how to operate a pneumatic rammer. Knowing how to operate a pneumatic rammer gives you access to one of the most user-friendly compaction tools on the market, and is a great service to any contractor in the construction business. For a rammer and compaction equipment supplier in your area, contact Doosan SA today!


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