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How To Clean An Air Compressor

Making sure that your air compressor is well maintained is part of ensuring that the compressor has a long lifespan. One of the most important maintenance tasks is giving your compressor a good clean. So break out the bucket and soap, and get your hands and scrubbing brushes dirty.The standard Doosan air compressor can simply be washed with high-quality car shampoo diluted in water. The standard ratio between shampoo and water applies (1/100) so for every 5 litre bucket of water, a nice 50ml dash of shampoo will do well.When hosing the compressor, ensure that all panel covers are shut tight, and that you do not hose directly into the air filters. Water should not be sprayed at the compressor in high volumes, but it should be a light sprinkle, enough to get all the panels wet. Then you can begin washing with the shampoo. Make sure that you use a soft fiber cloth so that you do not damage the vinyl and beautiful Doosan paintwork. Wash each panel of dust and dirt, before rinsing with a soft spray from the hose again. Then dry each panel with a soft chamois.He sure to wash the hose couplings too. A lot of grease and grime can dirty the couplings from the outside, so they can easily be cleaned with the shampoo-water mix and a soft nailbrush. Give the inside of the hose junction a wipe with some tissue paper to get them clean of dirty grease, but reapply clean grease/oil where necessary.Cleaning air filters should not be part of the weekly wash that you give your Doosan air compressor. Air filters need to be regularly checked as part of the maintenance schedule, and replaced if too old or dirty. The vents, however, are built onto the Doosan compressors chassis, so they will also need to be cleaned. On some Doosan models the vent is partially hidden by paneling that can be lifted/removed so that you can clean the vents.We hope that your older Doosan models look as shiny and spectacular as they did on the first day that you bought them. With a bit of cleaning, and following a proper maintenance plan, your Doosan will operate for many many years. Contact Doosan for more information on our range of hard-working and robust mobile air compressors. 


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