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How to Assemble a Doosan Light Tower

Assembling a Doosan Light Tower is not as difficult as one perceives. Light tower assembly is actually made up of three simple tasks, and before long the light tower can be providing the much needed source of light for all those construction and industrial assignments.
  1. The first task required for proper light tower assembly is to set up the generator. This often involves unplugging the engine and stand from the vehicle on which it is attached. By dropping the support stands to the rear and front of the engine-generator, the first job of light assembly is complete.
  2. From this position the 9m tall galvanized steel light tower can be raised once the right height has been set. This can be achieved by loosening the clamps along the tower to extend it to the required height, before re-clamping the tower in place.
  3. With the simple turn of a key the engine on the Doosan light tower can be turned on. Make sure that the light tower power plug has been inserted into the correct power point before hand. Once the power connection has been established, and the engine is on, then it is just a matter of hitting the correct light switch, and voila.
Depending on the model of light tower, there are various other controls that allow you to control the number of lights turned on/off. All models also have controls mounted on the curb-side of the road to increase the user safety. Other safety features include an automatic shutdown for over-heating and low oil pressure, ensuring that your Doosan light tower remains in perfect working condition.If you need to know any further information on how to assemble a Doosan light tower, contact us today. Not only can we assist you in the maintenance and repair of a Doosan light tower, but we offer the finest Doosan light towers for sale in South Africa.


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