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How Often Do Air Compressors Need To Be Serviced?

Doosan’s efficient and durable equipment is crucial to the operating of your business. Just because Doosan is so reliable, does not mean that the equipment should not be regularly maintained. But you’re in luck! Doosan equipment is very simple to maintain.Doosan Air Compressors are some of the most reliable industrial/construction air compressors around. Our Air Compressors work best when they are properly maintained at all times. Before using and maintaining your air compressor, make sure that you purchase the right compressor for the job.Once you have purchased your air compressor, make sure that you have a maintenance schedule in place. Air compressors should receive daily and monthly checks, as well as maintenance after operational hours.A daily check for leaks is crucial, but just as important will be measuring the coolant levels. Make sure that your air compressor has the right amount of oil too! Excess water poses the greatest danger to air compressors, so make sure that you drain all the water from fuel filters. A quick check on oil/water separator drain and the pre-cleaner dumps should be the last of the day’s maintenance, although making sure that the fuel reserves are stocked up is always essential.Monthly maintenance requires more time and effort. Apart from a proper clean with a soft brush (so you don’t damage the gorgeous Doosan paint-job), make sure that the filters are cleaned in the air-cleaning system. Check every lug and nut for wear-and-tear. If there are any damaged parts, make sure that they are replaced.Make sure to maintain your air compressors after 500 and 2000 operational-hour intervals. Replacing the filters on your air compressor is essential after operating the equipment after 500 hours. After 2000 hours the air compressor may start producing some light fogging. This is because the separator element has likely reached its used date, and you may need to replace it.Hopefully these tips will indicate to you how often air compressors should be serviced. We hope you enjoy your Doosan equipment, and contact Doosan if you have any queries.

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