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How More Compressors Save Costs

So you have a lovely lineup of Doosan air compressors at your businesses disposal, but, it being 2016 in South Africa, you're being forced to reduce operational costs? The bright-eyed businessman or operations manager would assume that maybe opting not to purchase a new compressor this year, or actually selling a spare compressor, could be the answer. We're here to tell you that that's a mistake.Yes, we sell air compressors, so of course we'd say that, but hear us out for a second.Running At Optimal It's important that compressors run at optimal capacity. If you are overworking your air compressors, then a number of things can go wrong.
  • A compressor running above optimal load is consuming more fuel. Of course, you'd expect your vehicle to use more fuel when being over-revved, and this is the same for air compressors.
  • Over-working your air compressors will overheat your machines. Again, this is fairly basic to understand, and the overheating will be the cause of expensive part wear. The maintenance costs on broken air compressors will begin to mount.
  • Apart from financial risk, a damaged air compressor will increase operational downtime, no matter which industry you work in.
Add A Trim Compressor How can a business solve all the above-mentioned problems? Well, it all began with your business's need to scrimp-and-save, and getting rid of that extra air compressor may be the issue. To save costs, get yourself an extra air compressor as a trim compressor.
  • A trim compressor is a standby compressor that takes the load off other compressors when they are being overworked.
  • The trim compressor prevents other compressors from working above optimal capacity, saving costs on fuel and maintenance in the long-term.
  • Yes, there is a once-off cost, but as assets go the choice to purchase a trim compressor will save you plenty of money.
  • A trim air compressor can be controlled manually by staff members, or trim can be controlled by a number of automated processes offered by Doosan SA
If you are interested in making the smart, economical decision to include a trim compressor in your compressor line, then make sure you contact Doosan SA today for a quote on a new compressor.


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