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How Long Should A Compressor Run For?

Compressors are often found humming away on construction sites or roadworks, happily powering all our pneumatic power tools and allowing us to go about our jobs unhindered. But there is one important question regarding the operation and running of the air compressor; how long should a compressor run for? Is it a good idea to turn off a compressor after extended operation to allow it to cool down? Can a compressor be damaged after operating for too long?As with any piece of machinery with moving parts there is always the opportunity of overheating, and yes, operating your air compressor for extended periods of time can cause overheating and a decrease in the lifespan of your air compressor. In fact many contractors are too familiar with their compressor shutting down automatically because of overheating. Here are some of the reasons for an overheating air compressor:
  • Faulty fan or blocked air-duct
  • Old compressor oil causing pump friction and increasing temperatures
  • No oil
  • Very hot working environment
  • Old compressor with filaments that create friction within the pump
  • Operating pneumatic tools that require more psi and cfm than the compressor is able to produce
There is no standard measurement of operating time regarding the use of compressors, but no compressor should operate continually for more than four-five hours, with on/off cycling as many compressors have a safety valve that stops them from operating once a tank is full. Compressors should also be switched off during intervals during work to ensure that there is no air compressor overheating. For those compressors that are constantly required to fill tanks due to pneumatic tool usage will find that their compressor will overheat quicker, and the machine will only be able to operate for one or two hours at a time. As a rule it is a good idea for contractors to identify how much psi and cfm they require from their compressor, and maybe purchase a second (or bigger) compressor based on these statistics. However, if you make sure your compressor is well maintained, and its heat is managed well, a compressor can operate for a few hours before needing to be switched off.For more information regarding air compressors then contact Doosan SA. As air compressor suppliers of the famous Doosan brand of compressors and industrial tools, we can outfit you with Doosan so that your business remains productive and profitable.


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