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Hats Off To Murray And Roberts!

Murray and Roberts Western Cape, a division of the local construction powerhouse Murray and Roberts, was recognised as playing a significant role in the construction of the Century City. Crown Publication's Construction World magazine awarded the construction firm with the honours of having constructed the Best Project in 2015. Their work? Building and developing the Century City Square commercial and retail hub in Cape Town.Much of Murray and Roberts' success is derived from the experience that the business has in the construction sector. For over 110 years, thee company has been involved in some of the country's largest construction developments. Besides their thorough involvement in construction, the company has a finger in many international engineering fields, including oil, gas and mineral mining.As a South African business, the construction giant is a clear standard-bearer for the country. Murray and Roberts does not only operate in South Africa. They have ongoing projects and developments that they oversee in many of the SADC countries. Furthermore, they pageant their skills on the international stage with operations in UAE, Chile, Australia, South Korea and even the USA.

Cape Town Stadium developed by Murray and Roberts

Murray and Roberts has its origins firmly founded in the history of South Africa. As a business focussed on building homes in the early Cape Colony, the founding members, Douglas Murray, Douglas Roberts, and Andrew Roberts, turned to mining and heavy engineering to boost their overheads in a developing economy. Listed on the JSE in 1951, Murray and Roberts became a household name in the construction sector and played a major part in helping the government redevelop the infrastructure in the last 20 years.Businesses like Murray and Roberts rely on heavy engineering equipment and tools to enable them to create South Africa's infrastructural masterpieces. Doosan SA distributes high-quality mobile air compressors for such companies where reliable hydraulic powered equipment is a must. Contact Doosan SA today for a quote on our impressive air compressor technology.


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