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Doosan Oil Free Compressors! How do they work?

There is an increasing need for an oil free compressor on the market. Many industries are impaired when exposed to oil carry-over from more conventional forms of air compressors, so the development of an oil free compressor has been regarded as a crucial advancement.Doosan's NHP1500WCU oil-free air compressor fills this market gap like a Sunday lunch fills a hungry stomach. Our oil free air compressors work on a rotary screw compressor system. The two enmeshed screw rotors are cut so that air is funneled into smaller and smaller fields, building up pressure until being emitted into the air controlled device.This is not unlike our oil-containing units, however the oil free unit has precision-cut rotors that allow no space for escaping air without needing the oil buffer. The system is cooled by small water-pockets that line the element, but this naturally results in rising temperatures when compared to an oil-air compressor. For this reason oil-free air compressors usually run off two compressor elements to give the required pressure, and also offer less pressure than conventional machines. This means that oil-free air compressors tend to be more expensive and a lot noisier.But your required source of air NEEDS to be oil free. You have no other choice other than getting an oil-free compressor, so make sure you make use of the best compressors on the market; Doosan. Doosan oil free compressors are made with the finest anti-corrosive materials (a film covers the element and is aptly labelled UltraCoat) , and because oil free compressors are vulnerable to corrosion damage our oil free air compressors are durable and long-lasting.Many industries also require oil-free compressors because of their limited impact on the environment. Oil compressors  have oil-carry over that often leads to environmental contamination, but our oil-free compressor can leave an area unmarked and undamaged. The NHP1500 is also incredibly powerful for an oil-free unit. With an output of 150psi, it can satisfy all your compressor requirements, and can operate in all environments. It can operate in harsh, hot and humid South African climates, as well as in temperatures as low as -20F.Make sure you contact Doosan SA today to get a quote on our oil-free compressors. For all your compressor, lighting and pneumatic breaker needs, look no farther than Doosan SA.


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