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Do the smart thing: own a generator

With load shedding threats, always on the tip of Eskom’s tongues, owning a generator is not the worst thing you can do.Load shedding or load reduction is done with intention of limiting energy usage, and is often done countrywide as a controlled option to respond to unplanned events, in Eskom’s words “to protect the electricity power system from a total blackout”.  To prevent the power system from being at risk, the system must remain in balance between supply and demand. Eskom is currently using old power stations and infrastructure, at full capacity, to keep up with demand but with a turbulent political climate, one doesn’t want to have to rely on Eskom alone. Power outages are an inconvenience and cause major disruptions in day-to-day life. Whether it be disrupting the functioning of your home or business the decision to own a generator is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity.Businesses are dependent on electricity for everything and the cost of downtime because of a power outage are huge. Doosan SA is a leader in power platforms, and our popular range of generators are no different. We manufacture custom generators to the mining, industrial, commercial and private residential markets. The sophisticated design of our products is optimised for the user to ensure that there is easy operation, even during the most strenuous of load changes. A generator is an investment for your business or years to come; generators are expensive but the loss you occur during downtime will cost you even more. Contact us today to find the right generator for your home or business.Why you should use our generators;
  • A wide range of units of various sizes and with several different features.
  • Durable and reliable generators for almost every workspace.
  • Canopied or open skin variants.
  • Tool-kits, oil drains, engine coolant and first filters provided with new units.
  • 1 year or 2000-hour comprehensive warranty.
  • Full servicing and technical assistance from both Doosan SA and Doosan resellers.
  • Globally renowned portable power brand name!
The quality of our generators are the heart and soul of Doosan SA, we pride ourselves in reliable machines. Our generators have stood the test of time, offering users decreased downtime and heightened productivity.  Our comprehensive warranty covers the entire generator package for either 1 year or 2000-hours, depending on which comes first. Doosan SA is a certified dealer in Doosan generators and therefore offers parts and servicing according to the South African clients’ needs. Owning a Doosan generator guarantees that when you hear the phrase “load shedding” it will send thrills down your spine rather than fear...

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