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Difficult Year For Small Contractors

The amount of investment and spending in the construction industry in Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to double in the next ten years. This means that although the economy is weak, there will always be investment toward developing state and privately-owned infrastructure. This beckons both good and bad news for smaller construction contractors though.

The Good

Spending is expected to double, so this means that the market is set to grow, and with growth comes new opportunity. As international and local investors and businesses look to expand on their industry or corporate office-space, smaller contractors can expect more work. Furthermore, local and international business is looking to rationalize their expenditure, meaning the firing of larger contractors and rather acquiring the services of smaller teams. Government and local business seeks to invest heavily in infrastructure as it forms the backbone upon which local business is built.

The Bad

Does all the attention bode well for small contractors? It all depends how quickly one is willing to transform and adapt. The firing of larger contractors, and the hiring of smaller teams, means that smaller contractors absolutely need to diversify their services. This can be an administrative nightmare for some, and impossible for those who do not benefit from wide margins which can contribute toward expenditure.Bigger clients will also mean quicker responses and quicker delivery, an added pressure that not many will be able to cope with. It is also recommended that contractors focus on international markets, and maybe doing work in other Sub-Saharan African states if they cannot keep up with the demand locally.Increased ProductivityAt such a time it is important that a business be as productive as possible. Construction contractors with the finest equipment will be able to increase productivity and downtime. It is for this reason that small construction contractors use Doosan equipment, such as Doosan air compressors and compaction equipment. Our Doosan air compressors are the finest air compressors on the international market, and they are durable, economical and dynamic machines that can contribute significantly to any business. Make sure that your business keeps up with local demand. Contact Doosan SA today!


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