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Construction Not Taking A Technological Turn

The construction industry is considered a 'late bloomer'. It's immersion into the technological, smart, Cloud drenched landscape has been one of confusion. The truth is that there was little that smart technology could actually do to improve the construction industry and how the men in hardhats did their job.While Cloud technology is being used in the upper strata of project management and development, helping organize information and communication between project managers, engineers, architects and investors, little has been done to facilitate communication on the ground. Even where there has been smart technology utilized in the construction space, traditional forms of project management are usually fell back on.Furthermore, because the construction landscape in South Africa is a little behind those Western markets where industry leaders are more likely to use Cloud technology, South African counterparts will be even more contrary to change. Paper based methods of communication and approvals dominate construction projects here, and if it's not paper, it's still an email and an Excel spreadsheet.If South African construction wants to keep up, or even surpass, the foreign industries, then it must embrace smart technology and Cloud communication. This can be done, and there are a number of software on the market that can assist in construction project management. These include, among others, Buildertrend and Procore, so if you're a property developer, project manager, architect or engineer, give them a visit.Whether providing power to a construction business that still uses paper based communication, or giving your modern company's power tools the necessary amount of pressurized air, Doosan SA is your only choice when it comes to reliable and economical air compressors. Air compressors in South Africa need to be durable so that they fail no construction company in either the heat nor sand and dust. Air compressors in South Africa also need to be cost efficient, keeping costs low by reducing downtime and fuel. If you require a Doosan air compressor in South Africa, contact Doosan SA today! 


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