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Are Air Compressor Leaks Costing Your Business?

Air Compressor Leaks

Almost all air compressor systems suffer leaks. Mobile compressors are more likely to have leaks than permanent air compressor systems, and this is largely due to the wear and tear associated with the construction environment in which they operate. As much as 20% of your air compressor costs can be associated with leaks, and these costs increase with the age of your compressed air system. Many air leaks in the piping system can be found by regularly inspecting the pipes, but how can one find leaks elsewhere? Take a look:
  • Valve systems are your main culprits with regards to loss of compressed air. Make sure that manual drains are fully closed during the operation of your compressors. Many Doosan mobile air compressors have valves that open automatically when required, but if you have an older model ensure please ensure the above.
  • Old pipes are also likely to release compressed air. This usually occurs through hairline fractures on the pipe itself, often created by incorrect storage measures. Make sure that you replace pipes after 5 years of air compressor operation to ensure that no leaks occur. Also, make sure that you store pipes properly, and according to instruction by the pipes manufacturers.
  • Filters are also notoriously known for reducing compression and increasing costs. They do not contribute to leaks per se, but clogged and old filters do impact the compressed air stream by making it weaker. Make sure that filters are regularly cleaned, and that, if filters are damaged, they are quickly replaced.
By ensuring that valves are checked, filters are regularly maintained, and pipes are replaced before they become too old, you should be able to cut down costs associated with leaking compressed air in no time.We hope you found this blog helpful. If you require any assistance with regards to Doosan mobile air compressors, don't hesitate to contact Doosan SA as soon as possible. 


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