Mobile generators to supply the power you need at the touch of a button.



Supplier of Generators in South Africa

Doosan Portable Power’s mobile generators are engineered to provide the highest reliability, with the durability to operate in almost all heavy engineering and work environments. These innovative generators are easy-to-use, quiet and meet all the demands of critical applications in the harshest conditions. Doosan generators offer customers decreased downtime and heightened productivity.

Wide range

Doosan Portable Power offers a comprehensive mobile generator line up. From 25 kVA to 570 kVA, our mobile generators supply the power you need at the touch of a button. With customer friendly control panels, no generator has ever been easier to use.

Stay ahead of technology

The sophisticated Doosan power design is optimised for the user, ensuring easy operation even during the most strenuous of load changes. This simplicity is adopted by the engine build, minimising complexities and ensuring that operational features offer unmatched fuel economy.

Leaders in customer service

At Doosan International SA, we are committed to delivering outstanding customer service. Not only do we ensure customer satisfaction, but we deliver the finest portable power solutions on the market

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More About Doosan Generators

20KVA to 750 KVA models.
Models: G20-G750

  • Why choose a Doosan Generator?
  • Configurations Available
  • Doosan Generator Warranty

There are a number of reasons why we believe our generators are the best:

  • Wide range of units of various sizes and with a number of different features
  • Durable and reliable generators for almost every workspace
  • Canopied or open skid variants
  • Tool-kits, oil drains, engine coolant and first filters provided with new units
  • 1 year or 2000-hour comprehensive warranty
  • Full servicing and technical assistance from both Doosan Portable Power South Africa and Doosan resellers
  • Globally renowned portable power brand name!

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All power-trains are available in open skid or sound attenuated configurations:

  • Open skid generators come with exhaust muffler, compensators and piping assembled. In this configuration, the generators feature 4 lifting eyes at the corners and frame bottom clearance profiles for handling with fork-lift.
  • Sound attenuated canopies are designed to optimise airflow to ensure ample cooling in high ambient temperatures, while reducing bystander noise levels. Standard features: Forklift channel, clearance profiles, lifting points (4 or 2), lockable doors and maintenance access.

Our comprehensive warranty covers the entire generator package for either 1 year or 2000-hours, depending on which comes first.Doosan SA is a certified dealer in Doosan generators and therefore offers parts and servicing according to the South African clients’ needs.

Established Alternators

Powertrains feature established alternators from Leroy Somer and Marelli to efficiently convert engine output into stable and reliable electrical power supply.All alternator models have been sized for high ambient working conditions and come standard with IP23 rating and insulation class H, 12 re-connectable leads, shunt excitation and AVR to provide flexibility across multiple application types.

Control Panel and Main Circuit Breaker

All generator units come with the Deep Sea 7110 MKII control panel. This user-friendly operation interface provides a complete list of mechanical/electrical measurements and protections. It comes with auto-start mode and USB connection port for easy diagnosis and set-up.The standard electrical protection is a 3-pole Terasaki electronically adjustable circuit breaker. The nominal current ratings have been selected to allow electrical power delivery under 220/230V.

Why Choose Doosan Portable Power

With so many companies offering portable power products, how do you choose the right one for your business? Here are 5 reasons to choose Doosan Portable Power:
  • Market leaders with a proven track record in portable power solutions.
  • More than 100 year’s manufacturing expertise and practical experience in the industry.
  • Wide range of product and offerings for diverse industries.
  • Largest North American dealer network supplies equipment rapidly.
  • Unrivalled customer service.
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