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How to ensure construction deadlines are met

Construction delays affect the bottom line, which means that building at night has become more commonplace.

Today’s world is fast-paced and as technology advances, consumers are becoming more and more reliant on and expectant of quick solutions. The construction industry isn’t immune to this either. Because deadlines affect bottom lines, keeping a project on track has always been vital, but if deadlines are tighter due to more demanding consumers, then efficiency, and the right equipment to ensure that efficiency, becomes absolutely key. 

Construction at night

Building at night has become common, even if in an area where noise restrictions mean only inside, quiet work can be done. What’s required, then, is really good lighting. Lighting up a space or site that hasn’t been connected yet can only be done with portable power.  Light towers are essential on most construction projects – not only for building at night, but also within structures that can’t be adequately lit by natural light. 

“It’s vital to have the right amount of illumination to be able to effectively, and safely, do the job – whether it’s plastering and painting or pouring concrete, being able to see what you’re doing clearly is essential to ensuring both quality and safety on site,” says Doosan SA Business Line Manager, Gary Neave. 

In winter, with shorter hours of daylight, light towers become essential even if a tighter-than-usual deadline isn’t in play. Portable light towers come with their own power supply and are durable, shock-resistant and moveable, allowing them to be used in numerous different construction environments, from residential to mining. 

Construction using light towers

“The Doosan SA LSC50 Light Tower is an extraordinary piece of equipment, with fully galvanized, telescoping, rotating steel tower that extends to nine metres and features a protective sleeve for the curly cord. It is fitted with four 1,000 watt metal halide lamps and can withstand wind speeds of 104 kilometres per hour,” adds Neave. 

Safety on sit is always paramount and while light towers are obviously required to ensure lighting for work to be done, they can also provide light in-between spaces, as well as general lighting for both security and safety on site.

About Doosan

Doosan Portable Power SA is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Air Compressors, Pneumatic Breakers, Light Towers, Vibratory Rollers and Generators. Their products are manufactured in facilities in Europe and North America.

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