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Reducing your energy consumption with compressed air

Compressed air is a necessity on many construction sites and at industrial plants - but what effect does it have on your energy bill?

Compressed air may be 10% of your power bill

Site managers may be surprised to learn that compressed air makes up a significant 10% or more of their monthly power bill.The better you maintain and control your compressed air equipment, the more you can reduce your monthly energy costs. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Leaks don’t just waste air - they waste money too

Leaking pipes, valves and other equipment can result in air losses. This will cause your site to use more energy than necessary to make up for the air that’s leaking out during the compression process.


  • Your compressed air system should be clean, tight, well-maintained and checked regularly.
  • Daily or weekly equipment cleaning will not only ensure that your site looks good - it’s an excellent opportunity to check for leaks and faulty equipment.

Keep an eye on your pipes

Pipes are vulnerable to damage because they tend to be made of softer materials - usually rubber or a soft synthetic compound.Pipes are most likely to be damaged from an impact that punctures them. For example, the same pipe that withstands being stood on several times a day for five years, can be punctured in seconds by a small sharp object.It’s important to keep your pipes out of harm’s way by rolling them up after use - you can make this part of your working procedure and encourage your team to check the condition of pipes on a regular basis.

Regular maintenance saves power

An air compressor that isn’t maintained regularly is likely to have worn-out components and a lot of slip in its mechanism - in other words, it probably wastes a lot of energy.

Unfortunately, energy costs money

Regular maintenance ensures that your compressors work properly and reliably, reducing downtime and ensuring energy efficiency. If you create a maintenance schedule and stick to it carefully, you’ll save thousands in the long run.


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