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What type of air compressor does your business need?

Buying an air compressor for your business represents a significant investment, however, purchasing a system to suit your business’s unique needs isn’t as simple as one would think. 

When it comes to deciding which compressor type is right for you, the decision ultimately rests on how your business plans to use the system. Although there is no single set template when it comes to buying an air compressor, certain types are definitely better suited to certain business practices.

Size and mobility of the air compressor

The size and mobility of the air compressor required will depend entirely on the specific needs of the business or project. That being said, it’s important to choose correctly as the price and energy consumption of any given air compressor changes drastically depending on its type. Where an installed industrial system boasts increased capacity and is generally more energy efficient, a smaller mobile unit will cost less up front but will be much more expensive in the long run in terms of the fuel it uses.

Oil-free compressors

Oil-free air compressors are generally cheaper, lighter and require less maintenance than their oil-lubricated counterparts. However, the real benefit of oil-free air compressors lies in their ability to produce high quality oil-free air in emission sensitive environments. If air quality is important in your business practice, this is undoubtedly the system you require.It should also be noted that oil-free compressors do have some drawbacks. For instance, they typically don’t last as long as oil-lubricated compressors while they also lack the industrial strength associated with oil-lubricated rotary compressors.

Rotary air compressors

This type of air compressor is the picture of efficiency, as it is possible to recover expended energy, doesn’t produce a lot of noise and doesn’t cause the air to run very hot. However, this model is slightly more expensive than oil-free compressors and its complex design does necessitate more maintenance. It should be noted that rotary compressors are by far the most common type of compressor in industrial application due to its high horsepower output.

Choosing the ideal compressor specifications for your business can be tough, but not taking the time to do so can result in lost productivity, needless expenses and increased costs. Turn to Doosan South Africa, the experts in the field of portable power to find the right solution for your needs. Their extensive global network and after sales service offers the support you need today and every step of the way