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Understanding the Full Potential of your Air Compressor

Almost universally, businesses are looking for ways to increase their energy efficiency, with any breakthrough in this regard sure to result in reduced costs and greater profit. Air compressors perform a crucial role in powering equipment around the world, however, while conventional renewable energy sources are routinely explored in other facets of the business process, few businesses realise the full energy and cost saving potential of their air compressors.In the process of converting power into potential energy, many businesses make a series of fundamental mistakes that result in a less than efficient air compression system. Typically, an average air compression system is capable of converting 80% of the power it takes in into potential energy in the form of compressed air, however, steps can be taken to improve this ratio.
  1. Reduce Heat Expenditure
Air compressors produce a considerable amount of heat while operating, however, there are ways to both reduce the amount of heat produced and to convert what heat is produced into reusable energy. Firstly, reducing the amount of varnish in the system will instantly lead to greater efficiency and reduced heat expenditure, while a heat recovery unit system is also usually worth the extra outlay.
  1. Reduce Leaks
It is estimated that the average air compressor loses up to 35% of its output to leaks within the system. Consequently, routine maintenance and leak inspections are required on a regular basis to ensure that such avoidable wastage isn’t occurring. Additionally, you can lower the leakage rate by running your system at lower pressures.
  1. Change Filters
Air filters should be routinely checked and replaced to avoid drops in air pressure and to ensure that air quality is of a sufficient standard. Sporadic drops in air pressure, if left undetected, will result in increased energy consumption and, in turn, higher costs.Air compressors embody a vital piece of equipment that many businesses simply can’t do without. However, just because something is essential does not mean that it cannot be improved upon, with many businesses overlooking the fact that their air compression system is not performing to its full potential. There are numerous effective steps that can be implemented that are sure to reduce costs and result in increased system efficiency and it helps to know that the experienced support team at Doosan SA are always available to offer advice and plan a service for your system. Get in touch today.

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