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Archive | March, 2017

Why You Should Always Maintain and Clean Your Air Compressor

Air compressors perform a vital role on construction sites around the world but, without proper care and maintenance, these integral machines can transform from asset to liability, costing companies thousands of Rands in repairs and lost productivity in the process. The Danger of Varnish   So, what exactly causes an air compressor to go from […]

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Understanding the Full Potential of your Air Compressor

Almost universally, businesses are looking for ways to increase their energy efficiency, with any breakthrough in this regard sure to result in reduced costs and greater profit. Air compressors perform a crucial role in powering equipment around the world, however, while conventional renewable energy sources are routinely explored in other facets of the business process, […]

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Minimise Operational Costs by Strategising

Many mining companies currently employ a reactive business plan that attempts to roll with the punches thrown by a volatile commodity market, with companies opting to slash costs when the market is down and rebound their operational expenses when the market recovers. However, this practice is fraught with risk and is somewhat unsustainable in the […]

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What Type of Air Compressor Does Your Business Need?

Buying an air compressor for your business represents a significant investment, however, purchasing a system to suit your business’s unique needs isn’t as simple as one would think. When it comes to deciding which compressor type is right for you, the decision ultimately rests on how your business plans to use the system. Although there […]

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