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Archive | August, 2016

Are Air Compressor Leaks Costing Your Business?

Air Compressor Leaks Almost all air compressor systems suffer leaks. Mobile compressors are more likely to have leaks than permanent air compressor systems, and this is largely due to the wear and tear associated with the construction environment in which they operate. As much as 20% of your air compressor costs can be associated with […]

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How Proper Housing Can Extend The Lifespan Of Your Compressor

Contractors often point out how important air quality is when using their air compressors. Unfortunately, fingers are pointed at the operation of the compressor without the contractor giving a second thought regarding the location of the air compressor housing. Even for Doosan mobile air compressors, it is extremely important that mobile air compressors are operated […]

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How More Compressors Save Costs

So you have a lovely lineup of Doosan air compressors at your businesses disposal, but, it being 2016 in South Africa, you’re being forced to reduce operational costs? The bright-eyed businessman or operations manager would assume that maybe opting not to purchase a new compressor this year, or actually selling a spare compressor, could be […]

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