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Archive | July, 2016

How Virtual Reality Will Change Your Construction Job

As stated in the previous blog, virtual reality has great potential to completely change the construction industry. However, there are numerous ways that VR can create such effective and efficient change. I’ll outline just a few of the ways that virtual reality can affect your future position in the construction industry. Depending on your role […]

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Will Virtual Reality Affect The Construction Industry?

A Japanese based company recently released a game, downloaded as an app, for smartphones. As you may already know, the game is called Pokemon GO, and it has single-handedly rebooted the Pokemon franchise. This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg; Pokemon GO is set to overtake Twitter as the app most used everyday […]

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How To Hire Top Young Talent In The Construction And Civils Industry

If you’ve ever played competitive┬áteam sports then you’ll understand that the team is only as good as the worst player. A few soccer/football and rugby teams have reflected this perception in recent weeks in competitions┬álike Euros 2016 and Super Rugby. Taking a page from a sports team’s management book is never a bad idea, and […]

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