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Archive | May, 2016

Air Compressor Costs: How Much Should You Pay?

The subject of costing and cost evaluation is rather subjective, so you must understand that the topic of air compressor costs in this blog will likely be more theoretical than anything else. However, that being said, it is important to know just how much your business should set aside when investing in an air compressor. […]

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Hats Off To Murray And Roberts!

Murray and Roberts Western Cape, a division of the local construction powerhouse Murray and Roberts, was recognised as playing a significant role in the construction of the Century City. Crown Publication’s Construction World magazine awarded the construction firm with the honours of having constructed the Best Project in 2015. Their work? Building and developing the […]

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The Two Types Of Air Compression

Atmospheric air is often comprised of a mixture of various gasses and this great disorder of particles not only makes up our breathable and life-giving atmosphere, but it provides a much-needed source of energy for a number of applications. Through air compression, we are able to power a range of devices and mechanical equipment which […]

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