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Archive | April, 2016

Desalination Plant A Real Possibility In Durban

The water crisis in South Africa means that there are increasing demands on the current reticulation system in the country. There are new limits that have been imposed on residents in Durban and other areas in the KwaZulu Natal┬áregion as a result of the shortage, which has prompted government to consider the development of a […]

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Safety Decals: Do They Work?

Safety decals exist in every space within the construction and manufacturing environment. You can find the decals on machinery, buildings, superstructures, fittings and machine parts. They are designed and used to translate important information at the quickest rate possible. This is done through the clever use of images and colours too. But do they work, […]

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Air Compressor Fumes and Your Health

Fumes are an incredibly dangerous health risk to the professional workforce in a number of different working environments. Those that have a career or trade within the manufacturing, construction or mining sectors are most often exposed to exhaust fumes. Exhaust fumes are produced by a number of different machines that work on the power of […]

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What Is Dual-Purpose Equipment

Dual-purpose equipment is fast becoming the popular trend among heavy/construction equipment manufacturers. But the question on everybody’s lips is; what is dual-purpose equipment? Quite simply, dual-purpose equipment is heavy equipment in either construction, manufacturing or mining operations that performs two tasks instead of just a single task. A perfect example would be the TLB (tractor-loader-backhoe) […]

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