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Archive | March, 2016

Using an Upright Rammer For Backfilling Trenches

For those involved in the construction trade, you will encounter many instances of compacting backfill. This is especially true for those who install water reticulation, or for those that install cables. Backfilling is a process that revolves around digging a hole (whether it be to create a trench, or in the preparation of foundations for […]

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Bakkies Go Big!

Air compressors and the automotive industry go hand-in-hand. Air compressors are/can be used at virtually every point in the vehicle production process. From sandblasting to cutting, cleaning floors and painting, the air compressor is on every automobile factory floor. This is a perfect time to mention the dependency on air compressors by the automation industry […]

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Mobile Diesel Air Compressors

When To Buy A New Air Compressor

Air compressors are an expensive investment, no matter what industry you work in. Air compressors can be complicated to operate given the model and age of the equipment, or it may just prove too troublesome to keep any longer. Where this is the case it may be time to consider getting a new air compressor. […]

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Automation Assisting Staff

Industrial automation, especially when utilised in the industrial sector, has been frowned upon by many labourers. The idea has always been that industrial automation within any industry leads to a loss of jobs. Granted, there have been examples of retrenchment as a result of industrial automation, but recent studies have shown that automation actually improves […]

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portable compressors for sale

Buy The Right Sized Air Compressor

Many businesses make the mistake of buying the wrong sized air compressor for all their air compressor tool needs. Unfortunately, this leads to broken equipment and sometimes a faulty compressor too. When this is the case many businesses feel that their warranty covers them from any damage, however this is not the case. When air […]

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