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Archive | February, 2016

Sandblasting Safety Procedures

Sandblasting is an important function of the construction process, and without sandblasting buildings, metal constructs and a number of other infrastructural establishments would simply go incomplete. But sandblasting is a dangerous task that requires safety measures to ensure the health and safety of sandblaster operators. Here are a few of the sandblasting safety procedures that sandblaster […]

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Small Air Compressors For All Your Needs

At Doosan SA we stock, supply, repair and maintain a number of Doosan small air compressors that help businesses fulfill their mobile power needs. When it comes to requiring limited levels of pressurized air power needed to run a number of hydraulic power tools, then make sure you invest in a Doosan small air compressor. […]

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Water Crisis Hits Home

We have all been aware of the terrible water crisis that South Africa is experiencing, but what’s more unfortunate is that the areas worst affected are the ‘catchment zones’, areas from which reservoirs receive most of their water supply. Catchment areas are also those areas in South Africa where the majority of our farms are located. […]

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How Does A Rotary Screw Air Compressor Work

Rotary screw air compressors are the most efficient forms of air compressors on the market. They are known for being quiet and precise machines that can handle most tasks effortlessly. The rotary screw air compressor is an expensive piece of equipment and is often used by contractors and tradesmen that look for an air compressor that […]

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