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Archive | November, 2015

Was 2015 A Busy Year For Construction In South Africa?

South Africa has been busy this year! Although there has been both a significant downturn in foreign investment and dismal rand exchange rates much money has been invested into construction and development projects all over the country. Both the state as well as private enterprises have staked their claim toward prime property by constructing or […]

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How To Operate a Pneumatic Rammer

Pneumatic rammers can be found on a number of construction sites, affording contractors an easy way of leveling and compacting soil so that construction may begin. Compaction is an important part of laying the foundations for roads and buildings as well as paths and smaller constructions. But being able to ensure proper compaction requires the […]

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Renting An Air Compressor?

Air compressors are the go-to equipment for powering all your pneumatic tools on the construction site. If you’re a contractor, then you most likely own an air compressor to power tools like pneumatic hammers, rammers and rock breakers. Sprayers, power drills and a range of smaller power tools can also be powered by the capable […]

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How Long Should A Compressor Run For?

Compressors are often found humming away on construction sites or roadworks, happily powering all our pneumatic power tools and allowing us to go about our jobs unhindered. But there is one important question regarding the operation and running of the air compressor; how long should a compressor run for? Is it a good idea to […]

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