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Archive | October, 2015

What Compactor Do You Need?

If you’re a contractor or you’re tasked with the construction of anything from that of a building or a small walkway, chances are that you’re in need of a compactor. As a compactor supplier in South Africa, we realise that sometimes it’s not so easy choosing the correct compactor for the job. Doosan SA is […]

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Pneumatic Breaker Safety

Pneumatic breakers are the workhorses on the construction site, and just like a workhorse, a runaway pneumatic breaker is a danger to anyone operating the machine. Make sure you employ the following pneumatic breaker safety measures the next time you or any employee operates a pneumatic breaker. Firstly it is important that all operators of […]

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Fuel Prices In 2016

Fuel plays a large part in all of our lives. I’m sure all of you do the same: when we hear that the fuel prices are going up on a particular day, we all rush to the garage the day before to fill our tanks with liquid gold. If fuel prices play such an important […]

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Do You Need A Bigger Compressor?

A man takes his pride seriously, and when men are unable to perform certain functions that make even slight reference of┬átheir power, braveness, courage, skill or potential then they become disheartened. Us men are fickle in such ways. It’s part of being a man. The construction business is no different. If a construction business is […]

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