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Archive | September, 2015

6 Dams, 6 Power Plants

The South African government has stepped up it’s infrastructure and development plan by planning the building of six new dams as well as six new power plants in the coming years. This is in answer to the outcry toward the lack of development, as well as improving the torrid state of water and power provision […]

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How To Clean An Air Compressor

Making sure that your air compressor is well maintained is part of ensuring that the compressor has a long lifespan. One of the most important maintenance tasks is giving your compressor a good clean. So break out the bucket and soap, and get your hands and scrubbing brushes dirty. The standard Doosan air compressor can […]

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Safety Compliance on the Construction Site

Remember the ‘good old days’? When ┬ápeople regularly took ill with polio and smoking wasn’t believed to be unhealthy? Well construction has developed too since the days when construction workers were armed with nothing more than a pair of steel-toe boots and a lunchbox. While Europe may be considered as the most progressive with regards […]

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What To Expect At BAUMA Conexpo 2015

We can barely contain our excitement here at Doosan SA. The BAUMA Conexpo is almost here, and we’re busy jumping off the walls. But enough of that; if you aren’t as excited as us then clearly we haven’t done our jobs of explaining exactly what is on the cards at this year’s BAUMA Conexpo. The […]

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BAUMA Convention 2015

Anyone involved in a market of sorts would welcome an exposition or forum-like environment whereby market leaders can be approached and queried, where brands can interact with clients, and where ideas and concepts can be formulated. The construction industry for one is a mesh of brands and companies that are endlessly looking for relationships and […]

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