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Archive | July, 2015

Doosan Oil Free Compressors! How do they work?

There is an increasing need for an oil free compressor on the market. Many industries are impaired when exposed to oil carry-over from more conventional forms of air compressors, so the development of an oil free compressor has been regarded as a crucial advancement. Doosan’s NHP1500WCU oil-free air compressor fills this market gap like a […]

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How an Air Compressor Works: Video

Do you ever wonder how a Doosan air compressor works? Check out this informative video showing us a Doosan air compressor in operation: For more information regarding air compressors for the job in South Africa, call Doosan SA today! We offer competitive air compressor prices coupled with the best air compressors in the business. You can […]

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Using A Pneumatic Breaker Correctly

Pneumatic breakers have revolutionized the construction industry. Before the breaker’s introduction the average construction worker would need to use all his energy in driving down a pickaxe into whatever hard surface he was required to dig up. A tiresome experience for anyone that has any experience in doing this. The first recorded invention of the jackhammer […]

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The 2015 Manufacturing Indaba

For those that don’t know, South Africa hosted its 2015 Manufacturing Indaba between the 29th and the 30th of June. The Indaba is a conference that highlights topics and concerns within the manufacturing industry/market, prompts dialogue about those prevailing issues, and ultimately helps with driving the way forward by finding solutions or gaps that can be […]

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