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Archive | June, 2015

Our Doosan Heritage in South Korea

Doosan SA is a proud supplier of Doosan technologies and tools. The Doosan brand has not been around quite as long as some people would have expected, considering the brand’s prominence and expertise in the construction support business. Doosan SA’s range of compressors and light towers are of the highest quality, incorporating strong design with […]

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The Necessity For Proper Lighting In The Workspace

As economies boom, and production and GDP levels rise, it is only natural that there is a drastic increase in the amount of construction that occurs worldwide. Developing and strengthening a country’s infrastructure is often the first goal for states that are having a positive level of economic growth. South Africa is no different in […]

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Choosing The Right Compressor For The Job

You own a specialized and efficient company that requires top-of-the-line equipment and pneumatic energy solutions. By partnering with Doosan SA your need for clean and condensed air will be satisfied when using our powerful line of air compressors. But the big question is what air compressor is the right one for your company? Well here’s […]

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How Often Do Air Compressors Need To Be Serviced?

Doosan’s efficient and durable equipment is crucial to the operating of your business. Just because Doosan is so reliable, does not mean that the equipment should not be regularly maintained. But you’re in luck! Doosan equipment is very simple to maintain. Doosan Air Compressors are some of the most reliable industrial/construction air compressors around. Our […]

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